50 HR Yoga Sculpt Training begins March 24. Deepen your knowlege of the body and learn how to strengthen with Yoga and weights.
by Kimi Cantrell

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Welcome to Santa Anita Hot Yoga Studio
We are a Yoga studio that provides a space for a strong Hot Yoga practice and a supportive health consious community.
Allow yourself the opportunity to experience a range of class levels,  knowledge and other services to provide overall health and wellness. If you are interested in becoming a Yoga instructor we are also a registered school for training. Please ask us for more info on training types and dates.
  • Create or log into your account 
  • Select a class to sign in to.
  • Check out for account credit. New students can take advantage of 30 days unlimited access for $30.
  • If you would prefer to have a monthly auto debit set up we offer  3 months $130   per month or 6 months $120    per month for unlimited practice. Or view other pricing packages  Namaste....  
If You Can Not View our Schedule Please Call or email us. We are currently working on an issue. Thank you for your patience.
other services
We offer more than just Yoga to help you maintain a healthy balance.